Cherif Medawar, Real Estate Hedge Fund Manager, Author & Educator will host his Commercial Real Estate Round table for you!

Experience Cherif’s Exciting Live Event!

Cherif Medawar invites you to the Nation’s most comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Training.

Become an expert in a complete A-Z Commercial RE System for creating massive streams of income with one or all 12 property types.


The Training

When well-known investment mogul decided to lead a roundtable discussion on commercial real estate, it became a national success. After an overwhelming demand to study commercial real estate strategies, the leader of Commercial investing and training--- Cherif Medawar!

Cherif will lead an intensive training and discussion on 12 types of commercial real estate in a roundtable forum. He'll host this event EXCLUSIVELY for the VIP invitees. He calls this exclusive brainstorming series the Commercial Real Estate Roundtable (CRERT).

This 3-day event is strategic, powerful, and enlightening. Cherif’s strategies and techniques are the ultimate path to wealth. This event will re-affirm that NOW is the time to add commercial real estate to your investing strategy!

If you’ve ever had the desire to invest in commercial real estate… if you’ve never been trained how… if you want to see how just one deal can change your life… you need to reserve your seat for this training!

Imagine the wealth of knowledge you will possess after learning about every single type of commercial real estate. No one has ever put together a course like this. And Cherif Medawar is one of the few who is qualified to do so. Join Cherif to take your game to the next level!

Thrive in the next era of commercial real estate! 3-days of learning and earning with Cherif at this event! This course offers a professional and personal growth experience like nothing you've ever seen before! Dynamic. Motivating. Inspiring.