The Office Sector Is Leading the Way

Office space is defined as real estate where commercial (or government) business is conducted. The premises may be used up to 24 hours a day, but people do not sleep at the property.

As part of this training, I will cover financing requirements, changing the zoning, setting up a mixed-use property, and promoting tenant stability. But most importantly, I’ll show you techniques to take your property to its highest and best use. This maximizes the value of your investment, immediately earning you a huge chunk of equity.

A few of those techniques include adding:

  • Executive suites: corporate living area, meeting room/office
  • Office suites: rented for meetings and conferences
  • Day care center, gym
  • Solar on the roof
  • Green building components
  • Vending machines (class C), deli (class B), restaurant (class A)
  • Billboard/ads
  • Paid/valet parking
  • Record retention service
  • Computer backup and WIFI
  • And many more

Now is the time to find favorable deals on office buildings and lease them for positive cash flow. Several industries are expanding and need desirable, well-managed office space. According to CoStar Group, financial services, insurance, and real estate companies account for roughly 22% of all U.S. office space occupancies, the largest segment in the entire office sector. Service companies (including technology) take the second spot at 14%.