Why Warehouse and Industrial?

  • NNN and NNNN leases with escalations are common
  • You can often find large tenants who will give you corporate rent guarantees
  • You can lease an industrial park for a long term
  • Use some of the space for your business and rent out the rest
  • Very easy for you to manage from a distance
  • Can be easily converted to retail, exhibition center, flea market, etc.
  • There are frequently local and state tax benefits for businesses using warehouses
  • Purchase isn’t necessary: You can lease and sublease (called a sandwich lease)
  • You can build very inexpensively using steel structures… and even buy pre-fabricated warehouses
  • An Extremely Flexible Investment

Frequently, undesirable areas can be great for this type of property. Noisy traffic areas, airport flight paths, and remote locations that aren’t ideal for housing, retail, office, or hospitality are perfect for warehouse and industrial buildings.

But flexibility of locale is just one advantage of warehouse/industrial. In this online training, you will discover all the aspects you need to consider as the owner of a warehouse or industrial building. Plus, there are dozens of ways to improve your property and increase the value quickly. This training has proven strategies on:

  • Finding a great deal
  • Locating and attracting solid, long-term tenants
  • Adding upgrades such as on-site security, lighting, interior expansion, etc.
  • Smart building materials
  • Franchising
  • Modifying your property for another use