A Great Investment You Can Manage from a Distance

With my system, you don’t need to manage the property itself… you simply manage the asset! But first, you’ve got to take into consideration:

  • Visibility and traffic
  • Ease of access and location
  • The brand name your store will operate under

When you own a gas station, you can contract the different services out to third parties and handle your real estate from a distance. The key is to work ON your business, not IN your business. Once you get it set up and scale it larger, you can sell it for big money!

  • Benefits of Owning a Gas Station
  • You could lease to large oil companies
  • You could lease the convenience store
  • You could add easily additional services (car wash, detailing, etc.)
  • You could capitalize on the narrow niche of this market
  • No matter the price of gas, people will always refill
  • You can have a steady growing business for years
  • Make money from the cash flow and the upside
  • You can advertise for others and make that a profit center
  • You can manage from a distance
  • You can lease and then sublease them (sandwich leasing)