Money Is Knocking at Your Door

As Americans began to travel again, hospitality profits are starting to climb. And despite the still-sluggish economy, the growing demand for business and leisure travel is expected to push prices even higher.

According to the latest statistics from Smith Travel Research Global, hotel rates are set to beat the average room rate high of $210, which was set pre-recession in March 2016! Now is the time!

With this attractive market, money is knocking at your door. Money knocked on my door many years ago when I found some great hotel deal and worked closely with large hotel chains like Hilton to transform and improve their bottom line profits. Hotels could be goldmines. Through the years, I’ve invested time, money and effort in hospitality properties and became an expert. The more deals I do, the more money shows up!

As you probably know, hospitality real estate is where I got my biggest breaks. It’s a powerful moneymaker.