Are You Good at Predicting Trends?

To convert raw land to something useful, you must get it prepared for construction. Dealing with permits and regulations are part of the process. By doing this you are adding tremendous value to the land that will eventually put money in your pocket. And you haven’t even begun construction yet!

If you have a knack for forecasting trends and seeing what’s coming in a particular neighborhood, land development can be for you. The key is to find the land’s highest and best use. The highest and best use of land is simply deciding what type of building you’ll be putting on it.

Is its best use housing? Commercial? Farming? Once you decide, you can work with the local municipality. Cities are anxious to work with you because most want to grow. And you will be making the land more valuable and useful for a community.

I’ll teach you how to get creative and engage the city to help you. To finance the project, you can issue bonds through the city where you will be building. This is how cities grow, neighborhoods evolve, and you make money.